A Story of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Teenage Life

                           The Father And The Son



Marshall Walker was just an only child growing up with a gang-retired mother and father in the smalltown of Wasco. Throughout his life, his father, Nathan has been constantly abusive towards him and his mother, Katherine has been working all night and day of the week that she never noticed all the brutal scenes of abuse that Marshall experienced from his father.  As Marshall was only 10-years old, Nathan finally got a job for police cop. Nathan leaves for four years for training and in between that time, Marshall and his mother move to a two-story house in the city of Bakersfield. As Nathan finally returns home from training and Marshall being fourteen at the time, a bonding friendship begins building between them. Almost a year later, Something tragic nearly finishes Nathan's life on the day  of Marshall's fifteenth birthday.  Nathan survived. But another tragedy that occured days after Nathan's incident completely shatters the bond between Marshall and Nathan. Marshall begins suffering even more scenes of physical and verbal abuse all over again from his father that the scenes were even worse than the past. Desperate, Marshall fights his way to escape Nathan and leaves both Nathan and his home behind to find a call for help. But as Marshall is out in the streets, he doesn't know that the choice he made would cause Nathan to search for him around the city and maybe even take his life away.  



This book is inspired by true stories based on child abuse, Dysfunctional Relationships in teenage life, and mistreatment. Throughout the years in the past, more teenagers or children die from abuse and neglect either at school or at home and only WE can stop it. Please, help support this book by spreading the word around and helping this book notify others that the children from around the world are in danger and need help, especially the teenagers who are suffering through any form of abuse that they are going through either in school or at home with the parents.

     This book is already out on online stores and ONLY on online stores [sorry to break it to you but it will be in local bookstores soon]. The usual price of the book is $16.00. Please feel free to sign up to this website and help me SPREAD THE WORD.

Thanks, Nefty

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